Share best practices, tips, and insights. Meet other eBay community members who share your passions. This is my first time visiting this board. I got a chance to buy this grandfather clock But I am not sure whether I should buy it or not. It has the number inside on the back of the plate and it is hard to see the seller took a picture of the number by putting his smart phone inside. If it is correct, this can be a clock and is one of the earliest GB clock. Any help is very much appreciated. To see the movement remove the pendulum and weights, unscrew two screws under the wooden runners that the base plate of the clock sits on, and slide the movement forward and out. The number you see is possibly the pendulum length, which is a tad under the length of a seconds pendulum but this is not critical as the rate of the clock is a combination of pendulum length and number of teeth on the escape wheel.

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Gustav Becker commenced clock making in , in Freiberg, Since this design pre-dates the German patent system it was not patented.

Previous Thread Next Thread. John, this is the balance stopping device. Gustav Spring Emblem. Mar 23, 1, 12 Thanks John and Piotr for the information! Much appreciated!! Oct 25, 3 0 1 Male Country Identification:. Hello everyone! I’m attempting to find more identification on my Mother-in-silesia’s Gustav Becker clock.

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These items are not for sale and the descriptions, images and prices are for reference purposes only. A large German day clock by Gustave Becker inscription to base, dated Totoal height Gustav Becker attributed , German wall clock with lithograph portrait of Kaiser Wilhelm II, late 19th century, 90 cm high. Gustav Becker ‘Monk’ wall clock in walnut case, monk figure strikes the bell on the hour, late 19th century, cm high.

Gustav Becker novelty dog clock , bronzed metal case with wagging tail and tonge pendulum, circa , crown stamp marked ‘G.

Please help me identify this Gustav Becker grandfather clock and value. The clock dates from about To see the movement remove the pendulum and.

Here’s another link with a serial number dating chart. Worth looking at, but they mention nothing about Braunau factory! I have seen many people selling Gustav Becker clocks apply a date to them based on the serial number on the movement. In many cases I believe the dates provided may be incorrect. I’m not an expert, nor do I claim to be. This yields a completely bogus date and is false and misleading.

Please note that I am merely passing along what I see in the books listed below and you, of course, may do with the information what you wish. Naturally, if anybody has better information that I do, please pass that along to me and I will happily correct anything that is in error. The conclusions I’ve drawn are as follows: 1 It is relatively easy to tell on most clocks whether a clock was made in Freiburg or in Braunau by looking at the trademark stamped on the back of the clock 2 Clocks made in the GB Freiburg factory can be dated with some level of accuracy based on the serial number.

Note: Serial number index not traceable. Plant closing year unknown. The Braunau works operated as independent branch factory.

Gustav Becker Ceramic Wall Clock

Back of Becker Case c. Becker Export Logo click to enlarge. Born in , Becker trained as a clockmaker in Germany and Austria. In he opened workshops in Freiburg, Silesia, Germany in Becker incorporated that first medal and his initials, G.

Gustav Becker Vienna Regulator Clock. Gustav Becker Vienna Regulator Clock Estimate: Auctioneer: Sold Price: Sold Date: Gustav Becker 3-Weight Vienna.

Gustav Becker was a dedicated and successful German clockmaker. In , thoroughly trained in clockmaking in Germany and in Vienna, he established a small clockmaking shop in Freiburg, Silesia not the Black Forest Freiburg. He struggled to produce clocks with an unskilled labor force until a design award in gave him the prestige to attract the quality of workers needed for success in this new industry. Then, spring powered clocks were introduced and many new styles followed. Several million clocks were produced and sold by the end of the trademark’s use in the mid ‘s.

Gustav Becker died in , but the strength of his enterprise carried his name forward. The trademark and production survived an consolidation of Freiburg clockmaking companies into the “United Freiburg Clock Manufacturing Company Inc. In , this firm combined with the Junghans clockmaking company, and the Gustav Becker trademark continued until about Becker clocks are not too difficult to identify. Serial numbers reference the year of manufacture, so determining age is made very simple. Ship Your Clock for Expert Repairs!

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Description: Freiburg 19th century. Condition Report: Notice for clocks in regards to shipping- we highly recommend clocks be serviced. Description: A Gustav Becker domed mantel clock, c. Serial Description: Gustav Becker mantel bronze clock, France, Germany, circa This mantel clock was constructed by Gustav Becker in Germany in 19th century.

The signed 8 day movement has a serial number #, dating it $ Gustav Becker three weight Grand Sonnerie striking wall clock, ca

Post a Comment. Thursday, July 14, Gustav Becker with a good provenance. Hi Nick, My name is Troy D. It is believed to be a Gustaff Becker made in It was brought to Australia by The Redemptorists and was for the Monastery in Mayfield, Newcastle which was founded in When the monastery closed it was obtained my family. The history of the clock is a bit vague but it is believed that it was either brought to Australia by the one of the fathers or it was constructed by one of the craftsman constructing the St Alphonsus monastery in Mayfield.

It is believed that the clock has been maintained quite well and is in perfect working order. If at all possible from the photos attached to this email could you shed some light as to its make and approximate value for insurance purposes. Your expert experience on this subject would be greatly appreciated on this matter by my family and also any tips in keeping this beautiful timepiece in perfect condition. Your Sincerely, Troy J D. No comments:.

19th Century Vienna Regulator by Gustav Becker

Wall clock running and using the brand gustav becker clocks bear his own clock collectors, english. The clock labels and very. We were able to them based on ebay! Some observations regarding serial number. Gustav becker vienna wall clock styles dates from kochmann’s book the majority of clocks.

GUSTAV BECKER GERMAN WALL CLOCK. Price Realized: $ Sold Date: Apr 28, Lot # brass eight-day movement, having crown and anchor.

Gustav Becker Clocks Dating I have seen many people selling Gustav Becker clocks apply a date to them based on the serial number on the movement. In many cases I believe the dates. Gustav Becker c. Serial Numbers. Legitimate Gustav Becker clock movements have trademark and serial number. I’ve now a Gustav Becker clock and I would like to know in which year it was produced, or some approximation.

I don’t know much about the history of. Dating by serial number. The majority of Gustav Becker clocks carried a serial number, and the factory records, kindly given to me by the late Karl Kochmann,. Gustav Becker Clocks. Previous Thread Next Thread. John, this is the balance stopping device. Gustav Spring Emblem.