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How to authenticate a Chanel flap bag: The complete guide

However, being such an iconic and coveted brand, many counterfeits are flooding the market. Keep reading and never get scammed again! The original CC lock can feature either flat or raised finishes with the right C overlapping the left C at the top and the left C overlapping the right C at the bottom. Furthermore, you can also take a look at the actual lock stem: Original lock stems are manufactured from 24k gold and will retain their condition, even when used for a lengthy period of time.

Replicas, on the other hand, are only plated with gold which will likely start peeling off after use.

However, since the early s, the look of the date codes has remained pretty much the same. 0 series CHANEL serial number in vintage bag.

And as the French fashion house brings out new iterations of the classics, as well as exciting one-off pieces, it just makes us want to own one even more. Of course, most would probably say they’d like to buy the classic Chanel 2. The iconic piece was first created by Coco Chanel herself when she got fed up with carrying her bag in her arms. To free her hands, she decided to add straps, an idea she took from the soldier’s bag.

As with practically everything the iconic designer created, it was a revolutionary take on a classic item, as all handbags for women up until that point were carried. The 2. However, it wasn’t until the ’80s, when Karl Lagerfeld took the helm, that the double-C locks were introduced. So to help navigate the luxury marketplace and all things Chanel, we asked Sarah Davis of Fashionphile , a luxury handbag marketplace, to lend us her expertise on purchasing the iconic bag.

From how much you should expect your Chanel bag to appreciate in price to understanding how to spot a fake, the tips you see here comprise the ultimate guide to buying a Chanel bag.


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To assist you in distinguishing an authentic Chanel bag from a fake one, we’ve compiled a list of steps taken by our very own authentication team.

Chanel is best known for its timeless designs and superior craftsmanship. Throughout the years, Chanel has changed small details to evolve with the times, but for the most part the brand has stayed consistent in terms of quality, construction, and materials. This acute attention to detail helps ensure the longevity of each bag.

Thankfully, dating a Chanel bag is actually quite simple, and a skill that will surely come in handy when hunting for the perfect bag for yourself. All Chanel bags after contain serial numbers, and these serial numbers are your key to identifying the year the bag was made. Scroll down to the Serial Number Dating Chart below for the breakdown. Date 6 January 7 January Categories Posted in Featured Style. Tags Tags: Chanel chanel authentication chanel bag chanel date code chanel flap bag chanel serial number how old is my chanel bag how to date your chanel bag.

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Is my Chanel wallet real or a superfake? What about my thrifted Dooney & Bourke bags?

It goes without saying that Chanel’s Classic Flap Bag is one of fashion’s most iconic styles. Soon after Karl Lagerfeld joined the label in the mid’s, the bag debuted. Its popularity was nearly instantaneous, but along with the fame came counterfeiting concerns. Used as a benchmark of authenticity, these serial numbers are attached to the interiors of Chanel pieces and indicate when a piece was manufactured.

Each of these numbers is unique to the bag in which it’s found, and no number is repeated.

In attempt to limit counterfeits, Chanel first began manufacturing handbags and accessories with serial number stickers in Used as a.

Chanel is one of the most luxurious brands we stock at Handbag Clinic and a personal favourite of mine. Chanel is also a brand that is heavily copied, replicas cost up to hundreds of pounds! As Chanel is a brand which has remained popular for decades there are many fakes out there and each bag requires thorough assessment, but there are some key things the Store Managers and I look for when authenticating a Chanel. When we receive a Chanel in store the first thing we look at is the authenticity code.

This code of a Chanel Classic 2. Bags originally are sold with an Authenticity Card as shown below. The code on the card should always match the serial number inside the bag. Each serial number reflects when the bag was made, if a brand new code had a serial number or sticker which would reflect an older model this may indicate a fake. I have created a guide to the codes and the appearance of the sticker below:.

Jasmine Tookes’ Chanel Bag Is The Perfect Addition To Any Summer Date Night Outfit

Our coronavirus coverage is free for the first 24 hours. Find the latest information at tampabay. Please consider subscribing or donating. I found it among her things a decade after she died.

Within the luxe lining of each Chanel bag is a series of numbers Unlike Louis Vuitton bags, which include a date code inside of their products, Chanel’s.

There are many reasons to purchase a designer handbag — status, fashion, quality, craftsmanship — however, for many the purchase of a luxury handbag is also an investment. The majority of designer handbags are much like high-end vehicles in that the second the leave the shop or boutique they begin to lose value. However, there are some notable exceptions to this rule, namely Hermes and Chanel bags.

Unlike other designer bags, these brands have actually steadily increased in value over the past few years and are noted as smart investment pieces. These investment bags have long been a secret of the savvy investor who has sourced and purchased particular styles, materials, limited editions, and one off bags to resell on the secondary market at a later date. But, how do you know which bags will increase in value? What should you look out for on the market if you are considering an investment purchase?

Although there can never be any guarantee that a certain bag will increase in value, there are certainly ways to make an educated guess and provide the best opportunity for a higher resell value. For the purposes of this blog, we will look at two of the most popular investment brands — Hermes and Chanel. Hermes have long been the most sought-after and desired makers of ultra-luxury handbags.

This desirability has allowed the French boutique to steadily increase their prices over the last three decades, in many cases far exceeding inflation. This has been happening since the release of the Hermes Birkin in the early s. Due to factors such as the infamous waiting list to get ones hands on a Birkin and the huge demand for these bags, the prices on the secondary market for this exact bag are almost identical to the prices for a new bag from Hermes.

Within the luxe lining of each Chanel bag is a series of numbers

Authentic pre-loved luxury. Sell with us – Whatsapp: How to authenticate a Chanel flap bag: The complete guide. I have also seen a fair few super fakes and they are getting worryingly close to the original.

The easiest way to date the age of your vintage or pre owned Chanel bag is to type the serial number in the green box below and press enter!

Chanel logos can be found on the serial number sticker and was protected by a clear tape with hologram security feature from on. The manufacturing date shows variation of the sticker, Chanel logo and hologram design view below. Note that serial number stickers may become detached from handbags over time. Often, authentication cards also become lost.

Hence, Chanel handbags missing these items may still be authentic. Cut-lines in “X” shape prevents sticker from being removed without damage. Most of the Chanel bags available are made out of lambskin leather, which would feel soft to the touch and have a visibly smooth appearance. The superior and grand quality used by the Chanel brand should be easy to distinguish from the counterfeits especially from the feel and appearance.

If the bag inspected happens to be a lambskin leather bag, make sure it feels extremely soft to the touch. This type of leather has a more bubbly appearance, and easier to differentiate from the counterfeit as it is more textured to the touch.

A Quick Guide to Chanel Serial Numbers: Updated

Chanel is a company that does not need an introduction – it is one of the most famous, covetable and respectable brands on the planet. Also, it is one of the most expensive therefore replicated brands. Sky high prices, that grow annually, long wait lists for the items and limited access to the most classic universal colours and models – all of these make it quite complicated to get a Chanel handbag of your dreams.

This is where vintage and preloved stores come in very handy. But one must be careful to look out for fakes.

Learn how you can differentiate authentic Chanel bags from fake ones. Learn about date codes, stitching, quilting, hardware and the cautions.

We all have to start somewhere and gaining an insight into Chanel bags before making that first purchase can be the difference between elation and disappointment. There are so many different styles, materials, and designs to choose from it can be overwhelming at times. The history of the Chanel bag goes right back to the s, when Coco Chanel became tired of carrying her handbags in her arms, as was the style of the time.

She decided to take matters into her own hands, or out of her own hands as was the case, and designed a handbag which freed up her hands completely. She added thin straps to her bag and introduced the design to the fashion world in , revolutionizing the handbag industry forever. These two dates are etched in history as revolutionary dates, not only for the Chanel brand, but also for the fashion and handbag industry as a whole.

As mentioned above, the 2. It was released in February , hence the name which reflects the date. The main feature of the bag is the long, thin strap which allows the bags to be worn over the shoulder, freeing up the wearers hands while still maintaining an elegant and ladylike appearance. The original design of the 2. Each season sees new colors, new fabrics, and new embellishments added to the classic design.

This makes the 2. The bag is carefully crafted by an artisan and can take up to 15 hours to make, including the hand stitching process, design, and other minute details.

Why collectors love Chanel handbags

Jump to navigation. Having officially launched in , it changed the history of handbags for good. Here are 10 of the most iconic Chanel bags of all time and some of the stories behind them. Chanel Large Reissue 2. The handy shoulder strap design was made to recreate the chains Coco would see at the orphanage where she was raised.

Jul 5, – How to authenticate your Chanel bag with the serial number sticker.

Thanks to Chanel date codes or serial numbers, we are able to tell you exactly when an item was made and thus how old the bags we sell are. What is a Chanel date code or serial number? Like many popular designer brands, Chanel suffered from plagiarism a lot. The use of serial numbers was most likely one of the ways the brand tried to make it easier to find counterfeit products. Chanel started using serial numbers in Some people call it the date code, date stamp, or the authentication code.

We will refer to it as the serial number. The Chanel serial numbers are, unlike Louis Vuitton date codes, unique to a specific item.